Eleanor Porter

Eleanor Porter’s first novel The Wheelwright’s Daughter was published in 2020 by Boldwood Books. Set in sixteenth-century Herefordshire, it draws on a famous landslip - The Wonder – to tell the story of Martha, who becomes a scapegoat in a community fractured by religious and cultural upheavals that is literally torn apart. The Good Wife (2021), continues Martha’s story, as her life becomes entangled with the alchemist Edward Talbot, John Dee’s notorious assistant, and she is forced to make a terrible choice.

Eleanor is working on her third novel Cat’s Cradle; an historical ghost story set in the Black Mountains and the borders. It tells the story of three young women sent to the high slopes for the summer pasturing.

Her short fiction and poetry has appeared in a range of journals including Stand, MsLexia, The Rialto, Dreamcatcher, Channel and the Lake Orta short story prize anthology Haunted. She is also working on an edited anthology, Woman, Walking which features stories and poems from writers including Amanthi Harris, Carol Ann Duffy, Jacky Kay, Jini Reddy and many others, and which will be published to support the work of the charity ‘Women for Refugee Women’.