Please see our About page so you can send your material to the most appropriate agent. If you’re unsure who to submit to, please email [email protected].

We would like to see the first three chapters or approximately 50 pages of your book, together with a brief synopsis and some biographical details about yourself. We welcome contemporary and historical novels, literary, crime, thrillers, fantasy, science fiction; non-fiction: current affairs, history, biography, popular science. We don’t handle poetry, self-help books, or stories for young children.

We only handle scripts for TV and film projects by our existing book clients, and we don’t consider material by unpublished authors based in the USA.

We prefer submissions in digital form. If emailing your submission to us, you should attach your chapters and synopsis as Word documents as opposed to copying and pasting text into an email. If you copy and paste, our server is likely to reject your submission because of length, and we will not receive your message.

Please do not send material to us via WeTransfer, Dropbox or similar. As we have no way of verifying what is being downloaded, file transfer requests will be automatically deleted without being read. Printed material can be sent to our Registered Address, but we won’t respond unless you include an envelope with stamps that can be used in the UK. Please note: we don’t normally offer advice on rejected material.


We take a commission of 15% on UK book rights and 20% on translation rights. On all other rights, such as film, tv, radio, theatre, digital, multi-media, and US book sales we take 15%, unless a specialist sub-agent is involved, in which case we share 20% with them. We do not charge a reading fee.

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