James Fahy

James Fahy lives in the North of England, close to wild moors and adjacent to a haunted wind farm, with his extremely patient and long-suffering family and a very old cat named Gargoyle. When the cat dies, James plans to buy a raven and name it Quoth. He is older than he looks, and terrified of sharks.

He is the author of The Changeling fantasy series (Endeavour), following the adventures of Robin, a seemingly unremarkable boy who is swept up into a war between our realm and the Netherworlde. The first three books are Isle of Winds and The Drowned Tomb, and The Chains of Gaia.

James also writes Science Fiction. Hell’s Teeth, the first of a series featuring haematologist Phoebe Harkness is followed by Crescent Moon and Paper Child (all Endeavour).