Sally Smith

Sally Smith is a London barrister and KC. Her biography of famous Edwardian barrister Sir Edward Marshall Hall has attracted significant critical acclaim since it was published in 2016.

A Case of Mice and Murder (Bloomsbury Raven) is the first in her series of wonderfully ingenious murder mysteries set at the beginning of the Edwardian era and centred in the Temple, the area of legal London whose curious history and arcane traditions continue to fascinate so many. The series introduces Gabriel Ward, a brilliant but reclusive barrister who lives and works in the Inner Temple, rarely venturing outside its precincts. When he finds the Lord Chief Justice stabbed to death on the doorstep, Gabriel’s privileged little world is shaken to its core, and he is forced to turn sleuth.

This very special new series is inspired by a treasure trove of Inner Temple archives to which Sally has access.