Vikas Swarup

Vikas Swarup was an Indian diplomat when he wrote his astounding debut novel Q&A (Doubleday). The story of a young Mumbai waiter who wins a billion rupees (£13 million) in a tv quiz show and is promptly arrested and accused of cheating was filmed as Slumdog Millionaire, and won numerous awards, including seven Oscars. Translation rights were sold in over forty languages.

Six Suspects (Doubleday), is a multi-layered story about crime and corruption in contemporary India, which has been turned into a tv series under the title The Great Indian Murder.

The Accidental Apprentice (Simon & Schuster) is a fantastical story in the best Bollywood tradition of a young woman who is offered the chance to run a major company provided she passes a number of tests, only to find she is then framed for murder. Film and tv rights optioned.