January news update

Plenty of news to update you all on this month, following a very busy autumn and winter for the agency and our clients:

Elizabeth’s Bailey’s Regency crime series, the Lady Fan Mysteries, has proved a great hit in the United States, with more than five and a half million pages read in the Sapere digital editions. Sapere have signed up for more of the series, and are also going to republish several of Liz’s backlist titles.

Canelo are so pleased with the performance of Rachel Lynch’s contemporary crime novels set in the Lake District that they have contracted for three more, and in a new departure intend to publish her in print as well as digital form. Canelo are also very excited by the first in a new series of novels about the Tudor navy by J. D. Davies. Destiny’s Tide covers the last years of Henry VIII and the sinking of the Mary Rose.

We’re delighted to announce that Constable have signed up Quentin Bates for a ninth story featuring Icelandic homicide officer Gunna; Coronet have agreed a two-book contract with debut novelist Rob Woodhouse; and the digital publisher Endeavour Media will republish Tim Murari’s international bestseller Taj, the romantic story of the world’s most famous building, as well as Tim’s two novels pursuing the adventures of Rudyard Kipling’s famous creation Kim.

We also send many congratulations to Adrian Selby on publication of his darkly beautiful second novel The Winter Road (Orbit); congratulations also to Marie O’Regan on the release of Phantoms (Titan), her collection of haunting tales by the biggest names in the business.

Finally, this month sees the publication by Mirror Books of Sean O’Driscoll’s The Accidental Spy, the true story of how an American trucker was persuaded by the FBI and MI5 to infiltrate the Real IRA, with dramatically successful results.